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AMATA: A Muse and the Amused-Library.

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Body painting can be used to communicate many things, one's love of a particular character, one's excitement about their favorite sports, team, but can it also be a way to communicate one's love and passion for their partner? This is a question I explored this past year through a project called A Muse and the Amused. The concept is simple. How can a wife show her support and love for her husband? She can become part of and buy into his passion. Using body painting I have created living snapshots into the lives of people in partnership. I interviewed them to find out what the passions and hobbies were. Then I create a scene of the passion of partner A and painted partner B into that scene. It has been a wonderful and enlightening experience, as I was able to learn about their partnerships, and how they share passions with each other.

The first of the live dioramas, was a quad of bibliophiles. Two partners were painted into their home library, and the other two enjoyed the process. Admittedly they all enjoyed the reading activities, they found this project offered them a great way to connect through this art form. See if you can find the painted people.

Thanks to the #letcreativityhappengrant from City of HOUSTON Mayors office of Cultural affair and the Houston Arts Alliance I have received partial funding to get this project underway.

I am working on a new project. I have hinted about it in the past 3 months, but NOW is go time!


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