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  • Do you have any age limits for painting?
    We offer face painting for humans from 2 years to 99 years. We choose not to paint humans under 2 for several reasons like the potential for allergies, but the main reason is that painting can be processed as tickle, which is neurologically frightening to some babies. This can set fear responses in the baby’s mind. We want a pleasant experience for everyone involved. We also will not force a crying or distraught person to get painted.
  • My Child wants to be body painted for their special day. Are they too young?
    We can create cosplay styled body paints for children as young as 5 years old. We would ask that parents remain present, and that the child wears shorts or a unitard.
  • When is the best time during my pregnancy to get my belly painted?
    We suggest scheduling a belly painting during the 8th month of pregnancy for single pregnancies, and 7 months during twin pregnancies. This allows for there to be adequate belly “pop” for the images to look the best.
  • I want to get painted, but I have my own photographer. How does that work?"
    We charge a premium to work with outside photographers than the cadre of Photographers that we work with. Outside photographers will be asked to sign a limited usage license on the images.
  • I want to hire a face painter. How do I set it up?
    You can select the Face Painter choose from the booking website and then you can choose the date and number of hours that you will need the face painter for. We can often paint basic designs on about 8-10 faces per hour. It is advisable to hire us for the number of 24 month old and up children that would be in attendance. Please email if you have a larger event.
  • What is the couple's body painting event?
    This event style is like an intimate, personal workshop. Each partner is led through a session to learn how to body paint each other. These sessions are private in nature. At the end of the session, we offer a mini photo shoot to commemorate the fun night.
  • Will I be completely naked when I get painted?
    Unless you ask, all body painting invovles nipple covers and some type of bottoms, either t-backs, full backs, or crotch covers for women and briefs for men.
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