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Who is body painting for, anyway?

This is a common question from almost everybody. it’s such a difficult yet simple answer….ANYONE can become bodypainting customers. We paint children as young as 2 years old and adults at any age.

Usually the follow up is something like well what kind of jobs do you do?

im so happy you asked!!
  • We do face painting for youth parties and events.

  • Face painting workshops for youth events (think paint and sip for kids without the sip)

  • Face painting for the guests at an event

  • Henna painting events for all ages

  • Henna workshops for youth events

  • Maternity belly painting

  • Costume bodypainting for individuals to attend special events

  • Adult face painting for costume completion

  • Custom temporary Tattoo creation for film projects

  • Live body painting as entertainment

  • Live bodypainting for guests at an event

  • Interactive Live Bodypainting Entertainment

  • Body Paint and Sip

  • Fine Art bodypainting sessions

  • Special Effects workshop events

  • Private body painting session for couples

  • Body painting of characters or models for Promotional purposes.

  • and so many others. The sky is the limit.

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