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Halloween is upon us... so is COVID-19  

Well the most wonderful time of the year is upon us... Halloween!

For us here at ABC Bodyart, this is when we kick into high gear.  We often are completely booked and have a waiting list of 10- 15 people.  

However, This year is different.  COVID-19 is definitely changing how we do things in our local communities.  Since February, we have missed out on the big events, like Mardi Gras, Spring Break, Memorial Day, Summer vacation, and Labor Day.  None are as difficult to stomach as Halloween.  

We have had a few clients call asking if we are still open... define open.  Yes we can still offer services, but the way we do that, adding more sanitizing measures during a job, as well as more between, makes the idea of doing large events, still a distant dream, and the possibility of private clients still wrought with logistical hurdles.  

Halloween last year found us working a festival where we painted with 8 other artists over 150 guests a day each artist.  And while we changed the water frequently and cleaned the brushes multiple times day, it will be a challenge to maintain those numbers this year, IF they have this event even.

The previous year, we painted 10-15 private clients each Saturday before and after Halloween  to accommodate the parties and events that caused for costumes and costume contests.  These we stacked very close in scheduling and allowed for very little down time.  This year, we are less certain of being able to stack clients in such a manner that offers safety for all involved.   We will likely cap our client numbers at 3-5 clients to have adequate deep cleaning of our supplies and equipment and space between clients.  Our goal is to still offer quality body painting services, without creating more access points for contracting the virus.

  • Will we offer body painting this Halloween season?   Yes.  We will offer limited access during this Halloween season.
  • Will we have protocols for deep cleaning our supplies and space? You betcha!  The artists will be masked through your appointment.  Clients must be masked until it is time to paint the face.  You may be asked to sanitize your skin before paint is applied. 
  • Will we accept walk-ins? NOPE, due to the nature of suggested covid measures, We will not except any same day clients this year. 
  • Is it possible to be turned away due to testing protocols? Yes. If you  arrive on the day to be painted, and you have a fever, or any symptoms of a sick individual, You will be asked to leave and will forfeit your deposit.  No refunds!
  • Are there added costs for this season?  There may be a $25-75 COVID fee added to accommodate for the extra deep cleaning that needs to happen between clients.  Bookings will be scheduled so that clients will not come in contact with other clients or client groups.  

We are still excited about the possibilities of costumes this season.  Stay safe. And Unleash your wildside